A Tale Of Two Cities

At an early point in what was to be called the “Iran Contra Scandal”, members of the Reagan administration had considered invoking “executive privilege” in order to protect information and documents that would be detrimental to the president. All parties within the administration vetoed the idea as they said that it was cause a firestorm within the media.. Mind you, even at this point decades ago, the “impartial” media was well on its way to the complete “impartiality” towards the Hammer and Sickle Democratic Party that it wears on its vest as a badge of honor today..

Now we move to one of the OWEbama scandals, the “Fast and Furious” scandal. OWEbama and his administration quickly invoked “executive privilege” KNOWING that there would be NO similar Iran Contra Scandal “firestorm within the media”, as was precisely the case..

It is a “Tale of Two Cities”, Washington then versus Washington now and a tale of two Media, then versus now.


19 responses to “A Tale Of Two Cities

  1. What a mess we can get into if we become apathetic! Somehow we need to restore the pride of nation to the masses living within our boundaries and once again project that “Shining Example on the Hill” for the world to see and take hope. We cannot afford to sleep any longer. Romney really needs to hammer Zippy on his Fast and Furious and DOJ debacle, but Romney is too nice right now. He needs to get his hip waders on and get in there and fight. I think OWEbama fits right into the beginning of a poem I heard years ago: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

  2. Richard,

    Veterans of NLTZ like you have probably read the “Introduction” to NLTZ. What did I focus in on as the biggest problem facing conservatives.. Apathy.

    JJ had left a comment about sending things to the Romney camp from NLTZ and I said that everyone wants to play “nice” and that I am WAY to caustic. Which means “realistic”.. Pulling punches is for politicians, I prefer to land them..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Am I the only one who noticed – and, as a result, am simultaneously pulling my hair and screaming like an effin’ banshee?!? Just when we thought we’d almost cornered those two rotten weasels (Eric The Red and Ovomit) on the F&F outrage, guess what happens? The Regime announces – through its butt-kissers at the ADF (Drugs & Firearms) –
    that five agents had admitted to running the whole thing and knew about the dangers, etc., and failed to alert the Mexican Gov’t, etc. – i.e., were instructed or threatened or both to “fall on their swords” for the creeps at the top of the food chain (reminding us again – as if it were necessary! – that the fish stinks from the head down!!).

    IOW, by sacrificing these agents (who, undoubtedly, were just following orders ordained from the toilet in the Oval Office and/or the one at DOJ), the Regime thinks they’re off the hook – and, given our so-called GOP “leaders” in Congress, they probably are – at least for THIS term.

    What I’m furious about – and want answers for! – is how, all of a sudden, the whole thing is just going away by fingering a few agents that, yes, were no doubt embroiled in the whole enchilada, but who were hardly the ones who dreamed up such crap – and, further, are hardly the ones that are beating the drum for gun control (are you listening, Eric The Red, you rotten SOB?!?). “Justice!” she cries – and no one comes to her aid…

  4. I don’t think they are in the clear on this. Some are still on the govenment teat. Seeral have been reassigned. There are still things that should get Eric outta there. He’s rotten to the bone.

  5. Larry,

    Great title and camparison – a real “twofer ” !

    Romney has so much ammo available to use against OWEbaama. Perhaps he is saving it until the last minute, however, I hope he doesn’t wait too long because most people tend to tire of the relentless political commercials that bombard us just prior to an election. Then, some good info. might not get to the intended receiver. I also understand that by being too early, your opponent then has time to refute and retalliate. By the same token, Romney could constantly throw out things to keep OWEbaama tied up and on the defensive ( ala Dingy Harry Reid ).

    Mitt needs to consider getting down and a little dirty, if he really wants to compete with the OWEbaama slimeballs.

  6. Family,

    I don’t say this with any regularity but I’ve just completed “Tastes Just Like Chicken”.

    I’m sad to report that it will only be read about 100 times if past NLTZ history is any indication.

    I feel that it is of the highest importance and I ask that you forward it to EVERYONE who thinks properly. I don’t CARE about converting the left. We just need to mobilize the RIGHT.


    Thanks as always,


  7. OWEbaama just gave himself one million votes, by simply putting his name on a piece of paper – he converted one million illegals to legals. Of course , just to make it look satisfactory, and compassionate, and “fair ” , he placed a few ‘conditions’ on the switcheroo. But, those ‘conditions’ were probably forgotten even before the ink on the document was dry !

    The regime is desperate and will do anything and everything to win. What’s next – letting some convicts go free if they v0te for him, promising more goodies to the non-producers, promising free college tuition to the teenage voters, or how about a new GM vehicle for all registered Dems for the low, low lease price of less than $100.00 per month. Hell, just think about it – it will cause vehicle production to soar, it will be orgasmic for the auto worker union heads, GM stock will hit an all time high to match the high vehicle demand, unemployment will plummet as GM job opportunities skyrocket,
    suppliers to GM will be running 24/7 to keep up with the demand, GM dealerships will expand, the housing market will rise again, mortgages will come out of the water, and the list goes on.

    However, GM has to be very cautious and not mention that they have invested 600 million dollars to build plants in China ( in spite of the fact that right now, they may not be able to make their loan payments ), which might cause some to complain of “outsourcing”.

    So, would you register as a DEM, in order to get a new vehicle for only $100.00 per month, and at the same time help make vast improvements in our economy? Please remember that this is NOT a gov’t. ” stimulus” , or a “cash for clunkers” scam , but an honest program to give everyone a FAIR SHOT at having a brand spanking new GM vehicle . And, also remember that GM is partially owned by YOU , the taxpayer !! Its a WIN WIN !!

    The above is an example of what can happen when one’s mind goes astray , namely – a Saturday Sarcasm can erupt !

  8. Oxymoron of the day – ” Legal Illegals “

  9. Here it is.. PLEASE forward this to those who think as we do..

    I know that it will be ignored by the conservative thinkers and pundits, so I’m hoping that you will help..


    Thanks as always,


  10. I see it more as a tale of 2 political parties. Iran contra – media firestorm against a conservative, President Reagan; versus Fast & Furious – media silence to help their dear leader, Owebama. The media sickens me to the core.

  11. b,

    Spot on, there are a number of analogies available relative to the OBVIOUS double standard within the political/media game..

    Thanks as always,


  12. jj, you may have been “sarcastic,” but since I’m SO below the radar – and am SO “post-“Republican (although, of course, I’d never actually VOTE for a Demonkrap), I could use the economic “stimulus” myself, being on the lower rung of the economic food chain these days, so, I’d register as a DEM in a NY minute! Just let me sign those extremely “competitively” priced lease papers and I’ll be happy as a clam at high tide! Of course, once in the voting booth, who in hell do you think I’ll be voting for? Three guesses and the first two don’t count (as we used to say as kids), but here’s a hint: It will NEVER be OWEbama – or, as I’ve dubbed him in my emails, Ovomit!

    But if the Lib Progs want to (almost) gift me with a new car, I’m cheap and can be bought for a mere $100/month!!

  13. Joydbrower, with a foreign company counting the votes in Nov. none of us know who we are voting for. We, the country, is in deep dodo and may not be able to do anything about it. Se my posts on agenda 21 and communist goals of 1963, and spread the word. We must be educators and activists from now to Nov.

  14. Larry, I’ve looked (but in vein, it seems) for the ORIGINAL post you would have sent re the excellent article, “Tastes almost like chicken” (or some such). The problem is, I don’t know how to (1) forward it to anyone on my email list (since you don’t provide any email links), let
    alone (2) post it to my Twitter acc’t or (3) on my Facebook page! I am SO spoiled these days and just click on the link that MOST websites/blogs (such as yours) provide at the end of the article. What gives? And HOW can I on-pass it to others? Please advise!!

  15. Joyd – I don’t know how you receive the posts from NLTRNZ, but I get mine through my E-mail. I simply press forward and sent the article on as it came to me. I send it to my wife on her computer and it comes through just fine. I always sterilize excess names and addresses from any E-mail I forward, but I send the whole thing from Larry as it tells people how to sign up. When I sent the “Chicken” I told everybody it is a must read and a must forward.

  16. Thank you, Richard – that’s what I do, too, of course. But this time, I never rec’d – or cannot find NOW – the “Chicken” piece, except on this NLTZ Thought for the Day – and there’s no link that I can find to use for on-sending it!

    What I’ll have to do is ask Larry to repost it so it comes in like almost ALL the other ones – i.e., via email! Don’t understand how I missed “the original,” but can’t find it in either the New (saved as New) or Old email folders.


  17. Joy,

    I’ll send you “Tastes Just Like Chicken” in an email in Microsoft Word format.

    Sending it now.

    Thanks as always,


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