The Takeaway

I managed to only be exposed to approximately sixty seconds of last night’s “debate” between the Benghazi Bovine and the Nutty Perfessor.. However, it certainly was an illuminating sixty seconds..

I will admit that I was caught by surprise when the Bern actually said out loud, and I am paraphrasing, “fifty years ago, a twelfth grade education was the equivalent of a college degree today..” Like every liberal Democrat who manages to occasionally stumble into the truth, Ol’ Bern was right but for the wrong reasons..

Two sidebars, if I may. First, I have said that same thing about “education” for decades. Second, we will ignore the blatant bending over blackwards progressive patronizing over the “disparity” and the “unfairness” of the “justice system” nonsense that I’ve read predominated the rest of this phony “debate”.. They are both tripping over themselves to appear the blackest and they might as well step out in blackface singing “Mammy” for the full effect. Please keep in mind that as soon as the Clinton machine manages to bump off Sanders in any one of the creative ways that they have bumped off challengers and malcontents in the past, (plane crashes, staged “suicides”, etc..) the Benghazi Bovine will be crowing about how much of a “centrist” she is..

To the Bern’s point, I will assure you that HIS reason for making this point is that he wants a “college education” to be FREE, he wants everyone to pay for it and as has been said, socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money to spend.. Possibly, if all of the fattened and firmly ensconced teachers and professors, nearly ALL lifetime liberal Democrats, would DONATE their services as opposed to demanding exorbitant remuneration for their indoctrination sermons, “education” would be “affordable and accessible to everyone”, but I digress..

MY point is a bit different than Bernie’s point AND my point is actually TRUE.. So, as the idiots in the “corporate world” like to say, what is “the takeaway” from all of this?

The K through 12 grade public education system in America WAS the envy of the entire planet. WAS.. What has happened to that amazing public school system? The Democrats decided to start “caring” about it because they HAD TO and as soon and the Democrats start “caring” about ANYTHING, very, very bad things begin to happen.. With the “new and improved” Democrats, bad things happen in the name of imaginary things like “fairness” and “compassion”.. Time has proven that “fairness and compassion” are how the progressive liberal Democrats spell “racism and oppression”..

Back in the halcyon days when the Democrats were so fond of fire hoses and baseball bats to keep people in their place, the world eventually reached a point and it decided that enough was enough. The Democrats wanted the same results as before, the intentional oppression of minorities, without all of the mess. They realized that a TRULY educated person could not be controlled nor did they have ANY need for the Democratic brand of “help” that was to materialize in the form of welfare dependency, et al so soon thereafter..

Out of sheer necessity, It was time to “dumb down” the public school system in order to INSURE that the lowest class, soon to be manacled to the Democratic welfare machine, would STAY the lowest class.. (This was BEFORE the Democrats went about welcoming ILLEGALS by the boatloads and NOT demanding that “immigrants” assimilate, therefore assuring their permanent place at the bottom with all of the other Democratic voters etc., etc.. Democratic voters, dead and alive.. The progressive Democrats wanted to EXPAND the size of the lowest class, their perverted poisonous politics DEMANDED it..)

The liberal Democrats began surgically attacking the public school curriculum and they eviscerated it, leaving only a bloated decomposing carcinogenic carcass to feed the minds of the poor..

The liberal Democrats began to whisper that “education was selling out to the white man”.. They then pulled off their greatest miracle: they convinced the minorities and the poor that THEY were there to HELP them and that only THEY could HELP them as everyone else was out to “oppress” them.. The liberal Democrats then found “helpers” in the minority “community” like $harpton and Jack$on, who ONLY wanted to fatten their OWN bank accounts as they too were there to HELP the poor and the downtrodden as long as there was a paycheck for THEM alone..

According to the liberal “progressive” left, the ONLY reason that the public education system in America is FAILING to properly educate, is because of a lack of MONEY.. It has NOTHING to do with the 2+2=7 nonsense being “taught” today. This also explains their violent reaction to a voucher system which would allow the poor to actually have a say in their child’s education. BUT, this would EMPTY the liberal’s “caring” public schools which would END the liberals stranglehold on the poor and more importantly, it would END their perpetual theft of the middle classes money to bankroll their phony benevolence..

The sad thing that I have to report is that this disgusting Democratic deviancy has WORKED. These uneducated poor and minorities enter the workforce with their limited skills and abilities and they flounder. The “new and improved” public schools have made them intellectually lazy and unable to cope in even the least challenging of environments OUTSIDE of the “compassionate” walls of the public schools.

In the REAL WORLD, there are no medals, ribbons and trophies for merely showing up and taking up space, in order to be employed you need to produce something.. Again, enter the helpful liberals who address this issue with the “fact” that these uneducated are being “discriminated” against and as always the culprit is “racism”.. As well, it’s time for a few lawsuits to make sure that the liberal courts and the “impartial” media get to chime in on all of this “unfairness”..

Never mind that this “issue” was created by the compassionate progressive liberal Democrats themselves and they are going to be the ones, the ONLY ones they say, who will “fix” it.. Why are the liberal Democrats the “only ones” who can “fix it”? The answer is very simple: because the liberal progressive Democrats DO NOT want to FIX ANYTHING. In order for their “desired results” to occur, the progressive Democrats HAVE to be the ONLY purveyors of “help” in the matter..

The takeaway? The ONLY way for this cycle of despair and intentional targeted racism by liberal progressive Democrats upon the poor and the minorities to end is for the rest of America STOPS electing Democrats to political office..


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Parting Shots

The liberals should never be involved in ANY war. Period. They are too busy sympathizing and outright aiding the enemy to help us fight an enemy..

Jellyfish have lived for centuries without brains.. This unusual anomaly helps to explain how the liberals have been here for as long as they have..

How can you have DIVERSITY without opposition? What is DIVERSE about EVERYONE agreeing? What is “fair” about making disagreement ILLEGAL? DIVERSITY is just groupthink, DIVERSITY is merely “politically correct” BULLYING..

Equality of outcome is truly impossible without an equality of EFFORT..

Conservatives should NEVER give in to the corrupt concept that thinking DIFFERENTLY is wrong, much less illegal..

Mooselim Musings

A few Mooselim musings, if I may.. First, within the carcinogenic world known as the “Internet”, I discovered a Mooselim braying and based upon what he was saying, hopefully just for the comic relief.. This imbecile said that ‘according to some, all terrorists are Mooselims but mention slavery to white people and they say, ‘wasn’t none of me..’

Well.. Firstly, this “slavery” thing happened generations ago, I wasn’t there so as you so primitively put it, ‘it wasn’t none of me’. (Please remember that the PROFIT made by the African Kings caused them to conquer other nations in order to have THEIR OWN black slaves and that without the COOPERATION of these “Kings” selling human beings to slave traders, black slavery would have never existed in America.. Let’s not bring TOO MANY facts to the discussion..)

Moving on, we have Mooselim TERRORISM which is happening TODAY, not over a hundred years ago. What are you, as a Mooselim, doing to PREVENT those who would besmirch the wonderful Mooselim “religion” when they perpetrate TERRORIST acts TODAY, NOT over a hundred years ago? Anything? If you aren’t doing anything to prevent atrocities, Mooselim TERRORISM, I consider it tacit approval and YOU are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution..

As well, one white imbecile in South Carolina becomes an acceptable reason for almost the complete white washing, (couldn’t resist..) banning if you will, of Confederate history yet countless Mooselim TERRORIST attacks (San Bernardino our most recent) should then EQUALLY call for a complete BAN on Mosques and all things Mooselim. Fair is fair, right? Game, set and match to me, goat herder..

Next.. After seeing a number of the very attractive pillow case and table cloth covered Mooselim sows as I was out and about today I was initially repulsed. Not because I saw four too many of these bovines, but because of the hideousness of what was exposed.. Then I gave it some thought.. I was initially wrong in my observation. I feel that it should be MANDATORY for ALL Mooselims regardless of gender, to have to dress in this unappetizing manner. That way we will always know exactly whom to be leery of when we are in public..

Winners Losers

The Miss Universe contest.. Not normally the kind of topic covered here but the tentacles of liberalism have infiltrated too large a part of society, even into a beauty pageant.. No, this isn’t about some blithering idiot emcee naming the wrong winner. Miss Columbia? Miss Philippines? Potato or potatoe.. No, this is about Miss Puerto Rico. Did you hear about her? If not, then start listening now.

Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez, is my new hero. Here is the body of a “Tweet” that she sent after the “Bolshevik Buffet Buster”, Michael Moore stood about damaging sidewalks with his collectivist corpulence with a sign saying “we are all Mooselim”. Enter Destiny who had had enough and took to the Twitter stage to announce her disgust: “Mooselims use our Constitution to terrorize USA and gas plant stations. There’s no comparison between Jews, Christians and Mooselims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books, all Mooselims have done is terrorize this country and many others!!!!!!”

Next, we hear from the cowards at the “Miss Puerto Rico Organization”.. “In regards to Destiny Velez’s recent actions and conduct, the Miss Puerto Rico Organization feels that her words do not represent the integrity and esteem of our program..” “Actions”? Liberals turn words into “actions” in order to make Constitution protections ILLEGAL. (They also take illegal ACTIONS and turn them into “speech” in order to protect it. Burning flags, for example.. My “definitional inversion” again comes into play..) They said that they are going to “work to resolve the issue”.. Poor Destiny must now be placed into the liberal “PC indoctrination camp”.. Let’s not begin to discuss this organizations alleged “integrity and esteem”..

It didn’t take long.. Destiny, apparently scrubbed of all of her Mooselimophobia, announced, “I apologize to the people I have offended with my words. I am first and foremost an Upstander, and as such, I stand up against bullying. The last thing I wanted to do was to bully anyone. Again, I want to apologize to anyone who felt offended with my words..”

Destiny is apologizing to the LIBERALS. The LIBERALS were the ones “offended” because such a display of female pulchritude like the “Miss Universe” pageant is allegedly SO offensive to the Mooselims that they would have never known about this alleged offense!

Liberals despise the whole “winners and losers” concept of a pageant, let alone that the “feminists” despise the fact that they themselves more often than not, look more like men than women. Now we add in someone speaking, SPEAKING on some Internet web site, using their Constitutional right of free speech and its suddenly a case of “Bullying”..

In the end, there aren’t ANY bigger “bullies” than those of the liberal left but they allegedly “make the rules”, so until the majority stands up and says and emphatic “no” to them, their BULLYING will continue.. With the liberal left, YOUR Constitution rights DO NOT EXIST IF you disagree with the tenets of liberalism. By silencing “free speech” YOUR arguments based upon fact and common sense, knock over the liberal intellectual house of cards so you MUST be silenced.. It doesn’t matter if Miss Columbia or Miss Philippines “won”. Destiny Velez was the loser and the Constitutional right of free speech lost as well..

Problem Solved

So many always ask, “what can anyone do to get rid of all of the ILLEGALS, you can’t just wish them away, there’s over twelve MILLION of them here in America..”

This line especially comes from the liberal left who aren’t really about “problem solving”, they’re about “problem exacerbating”.. Besides, ILLEGALS vote Democratic and they usually do so several times over so the left wants MORE of them here.. Not only can I get rid of ALL of them, I can make it PROFITABLE..

I will design “cargo hold kennels” for the ILLEGALS so that they can be shipped back to their “country of origin” in the belly of both passenger and commercial airplanes. I can design smaller ones for the “anchor babies” and roomy ones for the entire family who ILLEGALLY came here through “chain migration”, usually under a chain link fence..

UPS, Fed Ex, American Airlines, the United States Post Office (if the Post Office gets involved, a collateral increase in “have you seen me” pictures will be appearing on milk cartons worldwide..) and anyone else who wants to participate in my “return to sender” program will receive a TAX BREAK for each and every ILLEGAL that they ship “home”.

So, the ILLEGALS will be returned, corporations will receive well deserved (and long overdue with OWEbama’s tax theft) tax BREAKS which will allow these corporations to hire more employees because after all, there are AT LEAST TWELVE MILLION ILLEGALS here..

Problem solved..

Justice Perverted

Another of the phony leftist radical words of late is “justice”.. Not only do they change the definition, they change the spelling as well..

When the “usual suspects” and I do mean SUSPECTS, start bellowing about “justice”, actual “justice” isn’t what they really want, they want a payoff. A bribe. How about another example.. “Reparations” are nothing more than an unwarranted and more importantly, unearned payday. As with ALL liberals of EVERY stripe, it’s a question of MONEY. SOMEONE ELSES money redistributed.. Redistribution, ANOTHER liberal hobby. Follow the money, turn over the rocks and you will find the liberal belly crawlers..

Those who participate in the unlawful and the obscene of late have used “justice” as their mantra. Again, using my “definitional inversion”, leftists simply want the playing field tilted FOREVER in their favor. They want a payday WITHOUT the personal satisfaction that comes with accomplishment and the resulting monetary remuneration. THAT is why the liberal minions are always so mad about whatever it is they are mad about.. The LIBERALS have enslaved them but they are too lazy to tell the liberals to get lost while going out into the workforce and EARNING a paycheck instead of demanding one..

The pattern when another black assaults, robs, take your pick of any or all felonies, and is summarily dispatched by the police when they REFUSE to cooperate with the lawful (this is the “justice” crowd’s biggest problem, refusal to accept the “lawful” part of the equation..) demands of the police, the usual charlatans MUST make an appearance.. $harpton and Jack$on.

They start foghorning about “justice” but that they want is THEIR OWN PERSONAL payoff, the so called “victims” of this so called “injustice” be damned.. $harpton even goes beyond the pale (love it..) and REFUSES to pay the TAXES on his stolen booty and he has NEVER been held accountable. (Let’s not EVEN get into his accountability for the Freddy’s Fashion Mart and Crown Heights felonies that he is personally responsible for..)

How big of a scam is the “cry” for “justice”? Within the last few days here locally, a suspect lawfully arrested, died in police custody. Here we go, right? Time to burn down a few businesses, grab a few televisions just in time for the holidays and act like a savage with your face conveniently covered.. But all that we heard locally were crickets.. Not a peep.. Why? Because the suspect was WHITE. No harm no foul in the “justice” community..

“Justice”.. As with every unwashed liberal, what they really want has nothing whatsoever to do with ACTUAL justice. It is diametrically opposed to “justice”. They want THEIR WAY like petulant children and they certainly have a very receptive audience with the liberal left Democrats because they have been all about buying the lowest classes votes with money stolen from the middle class for over fifty years and they are PROUD of this liberal legacy.

Justice. Nonsense. With these caterwauling cowards its only about “just us”..